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Visualization magnified of the map

From the motorway tollgate of MONTECCHIO - A4:

To the exit from the tollgate to follow for Recoaro - Valdagno following the 2a gone out of the rotatory one, then to continue rights to the semaphore up to the rotatory one and to go out to the 3a exit direction Verona to the first rotatory to continue then always rights to the rotatory following to go out to the first exit for Recoaro - Valdagno and to cross the whole bypass road to continue rights for around 3 Kms up to reach after a parabolic curve toward left a great rotatory, to enter in rotatory and to go out to the first exit following Trissino Center, continues always rights for around 1,5 Kms to your right you will find the barracks of the Policemen, to that point to turn then to the right for street Rovigo to the intersection with street of the Job you will find you in front of the Barco S.r.l.

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